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    Exploratory Visitors Information Session

    Last Verified:

    Are you on an exploratory visit and considering starting a business in Manitoba? If so, our exploratory visitors information session is for you!

    Business Information

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    Journeyperson Business Start Program (MB)

    Last Verified:

    The Journeyperson Business Start Program encourages newly certified journeypersons living in rural Manitoba to start their own full-time businesses.

    Programs & Services

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    Business Start Program (MB)

    Last Verified:

    The Business Start Program (BSP) is a loan guarantee program with an educational component. Are you a new business owner ready to begin your journey? Access this three-day business workshop and loan guarantee program to start things off right.

    Programs & Services

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    Ask the Expert

    Last Verified:

    You have questions and we have answers! Book your 30 minute appointment and meet one-on-one with an Accountant, a Lawyer, a Human Resources (HR) Professional, a Social Media Expert, or a Website Expert.

    Programs & Services

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    Business Planning Workshop

    Last Verified:

    Our three-day business planning workshop gives you the tools to prepare your business plan and offers valuable information to help you start and grow your business.

    Programs & Services