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Knowledge is powerful! The Entrepreneurship Manitoba Knowledge Centre can help you find the information you need to make informed business decisions.

Applicable Audience

Resources and services are available to all entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations.


The Knowledge Centre provides access to market research information, business resources, and related industry information to help entrepreneurs in any stage of their business life cycle.

With over 7,000 resources, we have the information you need to make informed decisions and to build a winning business strategy, whether you are starting, growing, purchasing or exiting your business.

Our Services

Our offices are located at 250-240 Graham Ave, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Knowledge Centre has resources on a variety of common business topics, including:

  • human resources management
  • finance
  • starting a business
  • business planning
  • business administration, and
  • marketing and sales.

Clients are welcome to access our collection during business hours. Our friendly staff are available to provide quick-reference assistance, including:

  • finding Knowledge Centre materials
  • preliminary business name searches
  • sample business plans
  • sample forms, agreements, or contracts
  • financial performance reports
  • quick reference demographic data
  • other single points of information

Search our online catalogue

You can search our catalogue of Knowledge Centre resources by using our online search tool!

Customized Reference Services

We're here to help.

We understand some clients need assistance with finding quality sources of information for their business planning needs. The Knowledge Centre offers comprehensive information packages, tailored to your specific business on a fee-for-services basis.

This convenient service includes a reference interview conducted by an Information Specialist to gain a deeper understanding of your informational requirements. With a good understanding of your business research needs, we customize a package of information containing references to quality resources relevant to your business research needs.

Information packages may include:

  • applicable North American Industry Classification (NAICS) codes
  • relevant financial performance reports
  • sample business plans
  • sample forms, agreements, and contracts
  • demographic data
  • relevant statistical information
  • industry trends
  • references to additional sources of information, for example, relevant industry associations, standards, or suppliers.

Customized reference service fees can range from $50-$125 depending on the complexity of the business research needs, availability of resources and the anticipated time required. The cost of the package will be determined based upon your reference interview assessment.

How do I purchase fee-for-service reference packages?

Contact the Knowledge Centre in-person, by phone or email. Our staff will work with you to determine your needs and the cost of the package.

View our office address, contact information, and hours of operation.

Payment Options

  • In person - debit, and/or cash or cheque payable to Minister of Finance, VISA or MASTERCARD and submit with signed document
  • Phone - VISA or MASTERCARD and submit signed document
  • Mail - cheque payable to Minister of Finance and submit with signed document

Please note:

  • Services do not include compilation of marketing and sales lists.
  • Clients are limited to five preliminary business name searches.
  • Clients are required to comply with Knowledge Centre usage policies and current legislation, e.g. Knowledge Centre Usage Policies, copyright, anti-spam, etc.