Export Development Canada (CAN)

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EDC provides insurance and financial services, bonding products and small business solutions to Canadian exporters and investors and their international buyers.


Each year, EDC helps more than 7,000 Canadian companies, a majority of them small businesses, to conduct trade and investment in nearly 200 countries. From finding new customers to securing financing and ensuring payment from foreign buyers. EDC is here to help businesses grow. As a Crown corporation serving Canadians since 1944, EDC offers market intelligence and supports international sales and investment through a mix of financial and insurance products and services.

Financing programs include:

  • Export Guarantee Program – provides a guarantee that your loans and other financial arrangements will be paid back which may give your bank the confidence to provide access to more operating line
  • Foreign Investment Financing – for mid-sized companies with a solid financial profile looking to invest internationally, EDC can consider, with the support of your bank, a direct loan to finance foreign assets
  • Foreign Buyer Financing – provides financing directly to your foreign customer, giving you the benefits of a cash sale

Insurance programs include:

  • Accounts Receivable Insurance – covers receivables up to 90 percent of losses resulting from commercial risks such as not being paid
  • Single Buyer Insurance – covers sales to one customer for 180 days against commercial risks such as not getting paid
  • Contract Frustration Insurance – covers up to 90 percent of losses for one export contract against commercial risks such as contract cancellation
  • Political Risk Insurance – protects overseas assets, including equipment and manufacturing facilities

Bonding programs include:

  • Account Performance Security Guarantee – fully protects the financial institution in the event of a call on a contractual guarantee issued on your behalf
  • Surety Bond Insurance – fully protects the surety company in the event of a call on a contractual guarantee issued on your behalf
  • Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee – provides the financial institution a guarantee in lieu of collateral enabling you to buy a foreign exchange contract to protect against currency fluctuations


Canadian businesses that export goods or services can apply. A number of factors will be assessed to determine eligibility.


Export Development Canada (EDC)
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