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SEED Winnipeg Inc. is a non-profit agency that works to combat poverty and assists in the renewal of Winnipeg’s inner city.


SEED Winnipeg Inc. Is a non-profit agency that works to reduce poverty and assist in the renewal of primarily inner city communities by providing capacity building services that assist low-income individuals, groups, organizations and economically distressed neighborhoods to improve their social and economic vitality.

Support Services

SEED Winnipeg’s cross-program team provides the following support services.

  • Aboriginal Community Collaborations (ACC) – ACC works towards the success of Aboriginal participants. ACC offers a variety of services to provide support and outreach for the program participants.
  • Language Supports for EAL Participants – This service provides language supports to immigrant and newcomer participants and helps ensure their success in its programs.


  • Asset Building Programs – This program assists low-income participants to save for productive assets or household necessities. To help participants meet their saving goals, the programs include money management training classes, matched savings credits that are added to the funds that participants save on their own, opportunities for peer support from fellow participants, and one-to-one support from SEED staff.
  • Business & Enterprise Support & Training (BEST) – This program provides a three phase process – Training & Support, Pre-launch, and Business or Enterprise Launch and Aftercare Stage - to help prepare a participant in the first stages of a self-employment venture.

Note: Eligibility requirements may vary by program. For a full description of these programs and services, please visit


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