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Entrepreneurship Manitoba's Business Settlement Office offers services that will help you take the necessary steps to integrate into Manitoba's economic and social environment.

We know how hard it is to start again. We want to help!

Our experience with newly arrived immigrants allows us to adopt a comprehensive approach that will save you time and effort. The services of the Business Settlement Office will help you in taking the steps necessary to integrate in our new environment.

How we can help

Business Investment through Business Immigration seminar

The Business Settlement Office offers a "Business Investment through Business Immigration" weekly information seminar. This seminar is designed to serve the needs of potential foreign business investors who wish to explore the opportunity to immigrate and invest in Manitoba through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (MPNP-B).

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Provincial Nominee Program for Business

As part of the Provincial Nominee Program for Business, the Business Settlement Office has a team of highly skilled officers dedicated to help you integrate in Manitoba’s economic and social environment.

Benefits of working with us

Contact the Business Settlement Office upon your arrival in Manitoba. We can help with:

  • Business settlement services
  • Post-landing case management
  • Family settlement information and referral services

We also offer assistance in multiple languages.

More ways we can help you

The Business Settlement Office can help you in your efforts to:

  • Execute your proposed business plan
  • Understand the local business environment and culture
  • Understand the regulatory environment and related legal requirements
  • Set up processes and functions for a successful operation

Your success with starting up a business in Manitoba will depend to a large extent on the following factors:

  • Your ability to communicate effectively in English and/or French
  • Your business field of choice

Our officers will also provide personalized information and counseling customized to your specific business needs.

Post-landing Case Management

  • Help with your proposed business
  • Business counseling

Family Settlement Information and Referral Services

We are working closely with Manitoba Labour and Immigration and not-for profit organizations with the purpose of helping you through the initial stage of your integration in the Province of Manitoba. Our purpose is to refer you and your family to information sources, agencies, and organizations that can help you to take key steps in the settlement process.

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Setting up a business in a new environment is a challenging but rewarding task.

For more detailed information, please contact the Business Settlement Office at 204-945-1872.